Pet Adoption Centers in Singapore

Best Pet Adoption Centers in Singapore

Second chances aren’t just for people, but for unwanted pets as well. Despite the best efforts of numerous shelters in rescuing stray animals and holding adoption drives, there are still far too many animals in need of forever housing.

Make a difference to a loyal, lifelong companion in one of these established pet shelters.

Animal Lovers League:

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is one of Singapore's largest shelters, both in terms of size and ambition, with over 500 cats and dogs. ALL is a no-kill shelter that strives to rehome and shelter all animals in its care. Their dedication is evident in their thorough adoption process, which begins with an interview and a home visit to see if your home is acceptable. Following that, a two-week homestay is used to see if everyone is in good spirits before trusting you with the adoption.

Adoption fee: Free

Causes for Animals Singapore:

Causes for Animals (CAS) Singapore aspires for a country free of stray animals, having over three decades of experience in animal welfare work.
CAS demands that all family members who will live with the pet be met in order to find good matches for these pets. The adoption can then be finalised after a week of home stay under their supervision. The team strongly encourages first-time dog owners to enroll in training programmes, as it will help you and your new companion communicate more effectively.

Pet Adoption Fee :-

 Cats  $80 - $150
 Puppies  $70 - $120
 Dogs  $250 


Mutts and Mittens:

Mutts & Mittens is a pet boarding centre that also has dogs and cats for adoption. This comes from their commitment to improving the welfare of Singapore's stray animals. In fact, pets that are unable to find a permanent home will be cared for in their facility.

Pet Adoption Fee :-

 Cats  $100
 Dogs  $250 


Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA):

The Singapore SPCA is the country's oldest and most well-known animal care organisation, originally founded in the 1800s. They not only investigate animal cruelty and provide medical care, but they also have pets looking to adopt.
This well-established organisation is an unique place where you can adopt a range of pets, spanning from canines to guinea pigs.

Pet Adoption Fee :-

 Cats  $25 - $150
 Dogs  $70 - $250
 Rabbits  $70 - $250
 Hamsters   $10
 Guinea Pigs  $ 30


Purely Adoptions:

In 2009, Purely Adoptions began as a Facebook page to share pet adoption announcements with the community. They now dedicate most of their time to animal rescue. Visit their website to discover more about the dogs, cats, and rabbits they care for. Adopters who are chosen will receive a starter kit containing a variety of tools and supplies!

Adoption Fee :-

 Cats  $100 - $250
 Dogs  $250 - $350


A pet is like a new family member, it’s a lifetime commitment to care for a furry friend and that decision, should therefore be carefully thought through. Only bring a pet into your life if you’re ready for such a responsibility.

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