Top 5 Dog-Friendly Places in Singapore

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Places in Singapore

Everyone likes to think of themselves as an inclusive bunch, and we're always on the lookout for the greatest family-friendly food, activities, and fun new things to explore in Singapore for both kids and adults. But what about the family's other, fiercely loyal members? Pets too require paw-some places to visit, so we've been barking up the right trees all throughout Singapore in quest of dog-friendly activities. Here's a curated list of (nearly) everything dog-friendly in Singapore, from staycations and brunches to outdoor activities.


  1. Tanjong Beach:

A large stretch of sandy beach where you can run and play. What more could a pup want? Many dog owners with their adorable furkids can be seen prancing in the sun on weekends. It's an excellent location for a game of chase with your furry friends. It's difficult to put into words how much excitement and fun you will have during your time in Tanjong beach. Let's just say your dog would trade one beef cube for a day to be in that place (and that means a lot).

Leash off? The majority of the time! There was a time when the guards would tell people to keep their dogs on a leash. They don't appear to be doing it any longer. So go with the flow and make sure your dog isn't stealing food or licking people's faces on other people's picnic mats!

Doggy-safe? When your dog is in the water, keep an eye on him. It is advised that you use a flotation vest. The waves are the gentlest at both ends of the beach.

Butt-sniffing? There are a lot of strangers who are eager to make friends!

Parking? It should be easy to get a lot at the beach's designated car park.


  1. Sengkang Riverside Park:

Sengkang Riverside Park is another place your pup would love! It is rather vacant, which is ideal for furkids who don't do well in busy areas. Because the park is quite large, I had plenty of opportunities to explore!   Even though the water appears to be somewhat clean, your pup can get really muddy!

Is the leash removed? When you get further into the park, it should be okay to let your dog off the leash.

Doggy-safe? Yes. When you're near the road, keep your dog on a leash.

Butt-sniffing? There was a lot of silence in the room. While we were there, I didn't spot any other furkids.

Hungry? Nothing much there. Bring your own food and water.

Parking? Many parking lots are available where Mushroom Cafe is located.


  1. Punggol Point Park:

There isn't much going on during the mornings, but it's so vivid and active in the evenings! Families are flocking to the area not only to dine in restaurants but also to cycle or have a picnic.

Leash off? When you're further into the park, it's okay to let your dog off the leash. It might not be such a good idea if there are a lot of people cycling, skateboarding, or rollerblading.

Doggy-safe? Yes. When you're near the main road, keep your leash on.

Hungry? Many eateries here, but I don’t know of any that allows dogs.

Parking? A good number of parking lots is available.


  1. Sunny Heights:

If your dog enjoys swimming, this outdoor pool is a must! There are two pools with waterways, one shallow, and the other deep. There are free flotation vests available, as well as a water hose to wash your dog down.

Leash off? Yes. The two pools are separated by a large area that includes benches and deck chairs for humans.

Doggy-safe? Yes. When your dog is in the water, keep an eye on him and be cautious of the slippery tiles in the small pool. Make use of the available free floatation vests.

Butt-sniffing? A popular doggy pool, where your pup is sure to meet some new friends. Head down slightly before 1pm to avoid the crowd.

Hungry? Ah B Cafe.

Parking? You can park just about anywhere inside for free.

Price – $14-$19/hour per dog, depending on the size of your dog. They are not strict on the time restriction though!


  1. Sembawang Park:

Sembawang Park is a fantastic area to cycle with your Buddyrider. It's a massive, well-paved park with a beach, a beautiful playground, BBQ pits, and even a large dog run! It's a great place to spend a relaxing day with your family. 

Leash off? Yes, but only when the dogs are in the kennel. Be aware of the requirements of other visitors as well.

Doggy-safe? A dog run is a secure place for your pet to run around, but keep an eye out for ants and mosquitoes. 

Butt-sniffing? Maybe because it’s a relatively new dog run, there was only one other dog inside when we arrived on a Sunday.

Hungry? Bring your own food and water.

Parking? There are two car parks, with plenty of parking lots.

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