Why is Freeze Dried the best diet for pets?

Why is Freeze Dried the best diet for pets?

Today, dog food comes in a wide range of processes, formats, flavors, and shapes.

Many pet parents have questions regarding freeze-dried pet food, which has recently become popular.

We'll go over what freeze-dried dog food is, as well as the benefits of giving freeze-dried food to your dogs and cats.

It is agreed that high quality proteins like, chicken, beef, lamb, or fish, which are frequently found in freeze-dried foods, provide a great deal of benefits to your pet’s overall health, and according to pets, a protein-rich diet is mostly preferred, because high-quality meat/protein ingredients have a wonderful aroma and taste as they are by nature carnivorous.

What is freeze dried pet food?

Freeze dried food is moisture-removed food maintaining the raw nutrients, scent, flavor, and freshness that your pet will love. Because our freeze-dried foods are naturally high in protein and low in calories and fat, it makes it an ideal diet food for your pets.

Benefits of Freeze dried pet food:

  • Since freeze dried food is minimally processed, it becomes a healthy meal for your pets, making it an automatic alternative of their current diet.
  • Freeze dried dog food excels in taste and can be used as a whole meal for picky eaters or can be used as a delightful topping to give variation to their meals.
  • Freeze-dried food is light, portable, and has a very long shelf life. This makes it very convenient to carry nutritious food with you on a trip to keep your pet pleased and fulfilled.
  • And finally, pets love freeze-dried food! Since the natural quality of the food is retained, the rich flavors of the fruits, vegetables, and meats present gets your pet’s taste buds sparked up.

How is freeze dried food made?

From the name, Freeze-dried food uses “freeze drying” technique to prepare the food. The process begins by adding and blending the whole food ingredients. After blending the ingredients, they are then frozen.

The frozen ingredients are now moved to a freezer dryer where the moisture in the food is pulled out. This method is done to retain the original nutrients from the whole food ingredients.

Using the advanced food production technology to our advantage, we are producing pet foods high in nutrients and as dedicated pet lovers, we are committed in improving the lives of your loving pets by providing them with proper nutrition for a healthy and long life.


Should you change to freeze dried food?

Freeze-dried raw dog food created from highest-quality of ingredients delivers more protein than regular kibble or any other pet foods. Our freeze dried food consist of meat, organs, bones and necessary vitamins (no corn and no fillers are used).

Not only will your pet will be more satiated due to the high protein content, but their health will also improve! Freeze-dried raw dog food allows nutrients to be absorbed more easily, which can help with sensitive stomachs, weight management, and creating less waste. A shinier coat can be achieved, and oral health can be improved with the vital essentials present in our freeze-dried food.

Now that’s something your pooch will be proud off!


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