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Alma 1000 is a high-quality collagen supplement of natural origin rich in scarce "Non-Essential Amino Acids". Non-Essential Amino Acids is produced by your dog's body however, the lack of Essential Amino Acids from the food they eat could result in their body being unable to produce all the Non-Essential Amino Acids.

 Pet food in the market might have a high protein percentage however it does not necessarily translate to the sufficient amount of Essential Amino Acids that your dog may need for its body.

Alma 1000 Collagen is made in Japan by a large collagen manufacturer. The high quality of Alma 1000 is the lowest molecular-weight collagen supplement which was studied and developed with one of the world's best laboratories.

Alma 1000 is dried lowest-molecular weight marine collagen peptide powder with only collagen protein which is uniquely refined from scales and skins of food fish. It is 100% collagen powder bland and innocuous and never destroys the flavour of the dog's food.

A dog's body is composed of about 20 kinds of amino acids, 10 types that can be of them also synthesized in the body is "Non-Essential Amino Acids". This "Non-Essential Amino Acids" is a nutrient that is essential in order to survive. Alma 1000 helps to improve the daily diet to the innate healthy diet.

Please DO NOT give any dogs with bad kidneys and food allergies.

It is not suitable for pets that are allergic to fish due to collagen extracted from the skin and scales of fish.

One single spoon of Alma 1000 Collagen is 2g.

Made in Japan
Guaranteed Analysis:

- Crude protein 93.0%/g or more,
- Crude fat 0.1%/g or less,
- Crude fiber 0.1%/g or less,
- Crude ash 1.0%/g or less (Na 0.3g),
- Moisture 6.0%/g or less.
- Energy 3.6kcal/g.
Feeding Guide:

Appropriate amount per day

- Weight 0-5kg - 1.5g.

- Weight 6-10kg - 3.0g.

- Weight 11-20kg - 5.0g.

- Weight 21-30kg - 10.0g.