Almaz Alma Crystal (Almaz Alma Water Gel Form) 30ml

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The Alma Crystal has the characteristics of the ALMA WATER by special process comes in a handy finger spray bottle. The viscous Alma Crystal can be sprayed very easily, attached to each tooth surface, and the effect persists.

Alma Crystal is Alma Water in its gel form, shake it to see it transform from gel to water. It uses the anti-bacterial properties in Alma Water which effectively kills harmful dental bacteria as fast as 15 seconds upon contact with the bacteria and thereby reduces the possibility of plaque and tartar forming. It also eliminates bad breath.

Thanks to the negative ions in Alma Crystal, it helps to loosen existing plaque and tartar over time. It can be used as a normal dental gel by spraying on a toothbrush. You may also spray onto the teeth directly.

Please shake the Alma Crystal before usage, and it is recommended to use it once or twice daily.

Do not apply pressure to the bottle.

It must be discarded 12 months after opening.

Use with Alma Diamond - removing of tartar and plaque and daily use of Alma Crystal.

After Removing Tartar and Plaque:

The powerful antibacterial action of the Alma Crystal will create an oral environment in which bacteria cannot breed. After removal of the plaque and tartar, please brush your teeth with the Alma Crystal every day. Since the dangerous ingredients, such as surfactants and preservatives are not included at all, you can use them with confidence.

After Every Meal:

The Alma Crystal has the same cleaning effect as the ALMA WATER. After each meal, please spray the Alma Crystal directly to the tooth. In comparison with the Alma Water liquid, the ALMA CRYSTAL will rise to high effect by adhering to the teeth.

Made in Japan.