Almaz Alma Dental Starter Kit for Pets (Almaz Alma Crystal & Almaz Alma Diamond)

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Alma Dental Starter Kit for Pets is a bundle that consists of:

1. Alma Diamond effectively dissolves tartar making the removal easy, even with fingernails
2. Alma Crystal, a gel-like spray that creates a protective film over the surface of the teeth to prevent plaque and tartar from forming.

Both consist of natural ingredients:

1.Alma Crystal: Alma Water in its gel form.
2.Alma Diamond: Alma Crystal + Okinawan High Purity Fossil Coral Ultra-Fine Particles.
The Alma Crystal has the characteristics of the Alma Water by special process comes in a handy finger spray bottle! The viscous Alma Crystal can be sprayed very easily, attached to each tooth surface, and the effect persists.
Alma Crystal is Alma Water in its gel form, shake it to see it transform from gel to water. It uses the anti-bacterial properties in Alma Water which effectively kills harmful dental bacteria as fast as 15 seconds upon contact with the bacteria and thereby reduces the possibility of plaque and tartar forming. It also eliminates bad breath.

Thanks to the negative ions in Alma Crystal, it helps to loosen existing plaque and tartar over time. It can be used as a normal dental gel by spraying on a toothbrush. You may also spray onto the teeth directly.

Please shake the Alma Crystal before usage, and it is recommended to use it once or twice daily.

Do not apply pressure to the bottle.
It must be discarded 12 months after opening.

Use with Alma Diamond - removing of tartar and plaque and daily use of Alma Crystal.

Made in Japan.

After Removing Tartar and Plaque:

The powerful antibacterial action of the Alma Crystal will create an oral environment in which bacteria cannot breed. After removal of the plaque and tartar, please brush your teeth with the Alma Crystal every day. Since the dangerous ingredients, such as surfactants and preservatives are not included at all, you can use them with confidence.

After Every Meal:

The Alma Crystal has the same cleaning effect as the ALMA WATER. After each meal, please spray the Alma Crystal directly to the tooth. In comparison with the Alma Water liquid, the ALMA CRYSTAL will rise to high effect by adhering to the teeth.

Alma Diamond is made of Alma Crystal and natural fossilized coral powder. Alma Crystal helps to loosen the tartar and Natural fossilized coral powder gives the whitening effect that helps to mend the surface of the tooth.

Made in Japan.

Okinawan High Purity Fossil Coral Ultra-Fine Particles Blend:-

Fossil coral of Okinawa, which is used in the Alma Diamond stone corals at the time of generation fossilized that coral reefs that grew up in a clean sea about 10 million years ago in the warm season appeared on the ground and raised in the crustal movement state has become a high-purity porous structure remains stored.
It does not include the ones mixed, such as spines of perforated insects and shell fragments and fish bones and sea urchins found in the coral sand taken from the seabed.
This rare high purity of fossil coral has been ultra-fine particles and tasteless and odourless by special technology process. Therefore, Alma Diamond allows for dental care without damaging the surface of the tooth, moreover, does not destroy the flavour of the meal after the dental care.

pH 12.5 High-Function Electrolyzed Deoxidized Ionized Gel:-

The oral pH of human beings is weakly acidic pH6.5 ~ pH7.0. The oral pH of the dog is pH 8.5 ~ pH9.0 alkaline. Fungus is difficult to develop in an alkaline mouth. However, bacteria can develop and survive in pH10.5 or less of the oral environment. That is to say, the bacteria can survive and develop in the dog's mouth.
Alma Diamond has been made on the basis of the gel of pH12.5 with strong sterilization and antibacterial effect of the high-function electrolyzed deoxidized and ionized gel. The gel can be firmly attached to the tooth, making it easy to care for and eliminate bacteria.

Dental Health Care Supplement:-

The Alma Diamond contains more than 70 types of marine minerals, including 16 types of all the essential minerals needed to survive. The Okinawan High Purity Fossil Coral Ultra-Fine Particles Blend contained in the Alma Diamond, the nutritional components required has made from the ratio of ideal for dogs.
Therefore, a dental health care supplement that can take the necessary nutrients while dental care, you can expect the effect.

How to Use?

Usage for professionals:
1.Apply the paste on teeth and use a toothbrush to spread the paste evenly.
2.Wait for 5 mins or more for optimal effect.
3.Scrape off the tartar using a dental tool, forceps or fingernails.

Usage for Non-Professionals:
1.Squeeze into toothbrush and brush like normal toothpaste.
2.Shake well before use.
3.To be discarded 1 month after opening.
If the paste becomes hardened, mix with a small portion of Alma Crystal.